In the living-breathing forests of society, educators are like trees facilitating the fruits of learning.

These bearers of learning need sufficient incubation and nourishment to develop strong roots, i.e. knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective teaching-learning practices.

We create this incubation ground for 21st century teacher leaders.


Every year, 11 lakh pre-service teachers join the 14,000 teacher training institutes across India. Simultaneously, over 40 lakh children and 2.5 lakh teachers join the school system every year. 65% of children joining schools today will perform job roles that don’t currently exist. In addition to digital proficiency, they need to learn 21st-century skills, i.e. communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative problem-solving in their classroom.

who we are

We believe courageous and compassionate teachers reimagine education.

what we do

We establish Teacher Learning Centers to build 21st-century teacher competencies.