We establish Teacher Learning Centers to build 21st-century teacher competencies

Educator Coaching

Primary Math Educator Preparation Program, Palampur
In partnership with Sajhe Sapne and Aavishkaar, we have designed a one-year, hands-on primary math educator program. It is being implemented at Sajhe’s Sapne Center at Kandbari, Himachal Pradesh with 10 young women from different parts of the country. At the end of the program, these educators will work at schools and community learning centers. Ashvattha designs and anchors the content on educational psychology and contextualization of education.

Educator Coaching Program, Jaipur
We are launching our 1-year flagship program for pre-service teachers in July 2021. Designed to empower young people to become 21st century educators, this program includes field experience, internship support, experienced mentors and 21st century skill building. If you are interested to join the program, contact here.

Educator Communities

Virtual Learning Communities

We are creating online communities where pre-service and in-service teachers can come together to learn from each other about topics that matter to them. We have recently started our fortnightly conversation series, ‘Virtual Shikshak Chaupal’. To get more information about past and upcoming events, visit here.

Teaching Learning Centers 

We set up TLCs as suggested by NCFTE (2009) in partnership with teacher training institutes with a focus on equipping 21st century educators. These TLCs introduce pre-service teachers to global best practices in teaching-learning through TLM (teaching learning material) kits, library resources, seminars and weekly workshops conducted by Ashvattha trained facilitators. If you want to partner with us, contact here.