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Our projects

We offer internships, exposure, mentoring, online courses and peer support to pre-service teachers to build their professional and 21st century competencies. 


TLC - Teacher Learning Center

We establish TLCs in sync with National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE 2009) and facilitate guided practice, discussion forums, online courses and exposure programs. Pre-service teachers learn 21st century skills including digital learning and hone their teaching-learning competencies. They also build nuanced perspectives on education. Alumni are continually supported through digital communities.

We currently run TLC at DIET Goner (Jaipur) and Khudanpuri Government School (Alwar). Last year we implemented TLC at 4 teacher training institutes in Jaipur reaching 450 pre-service teachers.


TIF - Teacher Incubation Fellowship

Graduates from teacher training institutes will be placed for a year long, paid fellowship in primary schools. They will be trained and guided to create technology integrated, learner centered, application focused classrooms. At the end of the fellowship, we will also connect these teachers to permanent teaching positions and support the alumni through digital communities.


We are launching our first cohort in October 2022.


Other Projects

Apni Jagah

Apni Jagah is an after school learning center which aims to bridge the 21st-century skill gap and can potentially reduce the inequitable access to quality education. Additionally, it gives an opportunity for parents’ to meaningfully engage with their child’s learning and growth journey.


Virtual Shikshak Chaupal

Through our conversation series, ‘Virtual Shikshak Chaupal’, we are aiming to create online communities where pre-service and in-service teachers can come together to learn from each other about topics that matter to them.

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Aarohan Fellowship

In partnership with Sajhe Sapne and Aavishkaar, we have designed a one-year, hands-on primary math educator program.  In this programme, Ashvattha designs and anchors the content on educational psychology and contextualization of education.

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Internship Support Programme

Pre-service teacher education at teacher training institutes in India is supplemented by 4-16  weeks of school internships every year. During this 3-month long programme, we regularly support participants with their on-ground challenges.

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Past Projects
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